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Dress Code Designed to Help Students Dress Appropriately

by Kylie McClung

Hot days call for less clothing to beat the heat, but in the classroom this is not the case. Dress codes have varied for years, going from no dress code to a more strict one. WHS has pride in having a classy dress code while maintaining freedom within clothing. Of course everyone has different feelings about the touchy subject, some more stronger than others.

Junior Addison Robert spoke, “I think it [the dress code] is sexist. If girls aren’t allowed to show their shoulders, boys shouldn’t be allowed either. I don’t think it’s fair that our shorts have to be mid thigh because most of us don’t own them and you’re [the school board] basically asking us to go out and buy a new pair. Making a girl change her clothes disrupts her education and if she’s comfortable and a guy is not, it’s their problem not ours.”

Principal Tracey Franklin said, “There are many reasons to have a dress code, although dress code does not mean restriction. It [the dress code] is designed for basic comfort and a structured environment. The dress code is necessary, important, and reasonable.” Franklin also added, “Don’t get me wrong, one thing everyone knows about me, is that I love fashion”.

“The dress code is outdated. Women should not be told what to wear by administration. Boys should be held accountable for their actions because girls’ educations are just as important,” said sophomore Alexys Malone.

“I don’t like the dress code because it’s high school and we’re more mature and should be able to wear what we want,” freshman Carlie Bartos proudly spoke.

Dress code varies from school to school but they all remain the same basic idea. Without a dress code students would have a lot more responsibility choosing a sensible outfit that will show off their good assets and also show their readiness to learn throughout the day based on a variety of backgrounds.

“ I don’t believe the length of my shorts should be valued as more important than my education. There are plenty of more distractions in our learning environment than just the clothes on my back. I am more than just a distraction. I am fifteen years old. If you are sexualizing me because of the clothes I am wearing, you are the problem,” said sophomore Megan Sweeney from Urbana High said.

“It [the dress code] is good for guys personally because we don’t get dress coded as often,” said sophomore William Pratt. After being asked if he would rather have uniforms Pratt stated, “I don’t think uniforms are necessary.”

Gender takes a big role in dress code. Females are more prone to get stopped and taken from an environment to change their clothes due to the trendy short shorts and crop tops that celebrities have been sporting.