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Dual Enrollment Classes Challenge Students and Demands Work on Time Management

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by Regan Farr

As the FCC dual enrollment classes offered at the high school are expanding, more students are taking the opportunity to earn college credits. Six college courses are now available to take at the high school.

These classes are offered to the people that have obtained at least a 500 in each SAT section, or earned a high enough accuplacer score. The twist with the dual enrollment classes is they are only twice a week. Students seem to enjoy having a free period on non-class days to get homework done.

Taking dual enrollment classes comes with not only more freedom, but students have more responsibilities. Some people may be concerned that spending less time in a classroom might have a negative effect on their grades and might result in less attendance at sporting events and other activities.

Does having all of this freedom have a positive or negative effect on a student’s work quality and grades? Do these courses take away from a student’s involvement with school events and activities?

The “fishbowl” is a lounge in the library that has been furnished for only students who are taking FCC classes. The class of 2016 came up with the nickname for this area because of the wall made of windows looking into the library. Students are able to relax and do homework on a non-class day in this room. Although working in the fishbowl is not required, many students take the opportunity to get work done rather than leaving campus.

“I am taking Psych 101 this semester and English 101 next semester. I think these courses will have positive effect on my grades and work quality because it gives us the college experience and we have a free period every other day to do our work and catch up. I don’t think the dual enrollment classes are going to have an effect on my involvement with the school because we are still in school and especially if we work in the library that is still in the school,” senior Cailyn Humbertson admitted.

Senior Hannah Harbord believes that the freedom of college courses requires a certain responsibility that creates motivation, “I am taking Biology 101, Chem 101, Stats 206, English 102, and Psych 101, Having more freedom makes me want to actually come to class and learn because I have days off. It keeps me motivated and I have more time to do homework and spend time with my friends. I even have more time to prep for football games and other events because I leave early every other day, so no it will not effect my involvement with school affiliated activities.”

Senior Joey Moss is taking one dual enrollment class and loves having it every other day. Moss says, “I get to spend more time doing homework at the school so when I’m home I don’t have as much to do which allows me to go to more sporting events and what not because I have so much free time.”

Students are very happy to be taking college courses and have more freedom slowly getting closer to college. Hopefully this program will have many benefits in the future as well.