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New Assistant Principal Cindy Johnson Brings a Wealth of Experience to WHS

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by Jessica Bentley

Everybody loved our former assistant principals Danny Rumpf and Jason Lininger but Walkersville High School is ready to welcome our two new assistant principals, one being Assistant Principal Cindy Johnson to the Walkersville community.

Johnson is completely new to the town of Walkersville. She came last summer from being the principal in Arizona at an alternative high school which is a school that does not use the traditional learning style and experience. Then right before coming to WHS she was a teacher at the Western Maryland Children’s Center in Hagerstown.

“Walkersville is amazing! I really enjoy the staff; they have been very welcoming. I am looking forward to getting to know all the students here,” said Johnson.

Johnson will be working with students’ last names beginning with O-Z. For all students especially the ones Johnson will be working with, she gave some tips on how to get along with her, and make it through the year. “Students should smile, follow the rules and work hard.”

“I love sports, all sports, working in education, and of course I like the rules, so follow them.” As long as you follow the rules you should get along fine with Johnson.

A couple of students have had a chance to interact with Johnson already, “She seemed very polite and professional. It will be interesting having her as a new assistant principal along with all the other new teachers WHS has.” said junior Jonathan Rushbrook. “Both Johnson and Keller seem nice. They’re the kind of people I would like to have as my administrators,” said junior Edgar Russell.

Johnson said she has really enjoyed the past few days here. Now she is ready to make this a great year for Walkersville.