Bluetooth Technology Is Changing the Way We Listen to Music

by Regan Farr

Remember when there wasn’t a way to play music from your phone through the speaker in your car? Or when you had to have multiple adaptors just to play your own music? Now everything is Bluetooth. It’s crazy how technology has enhanced over a small time period.

Not only cars have evolved from different auxiliary sources to bluetooth but now all the new products are Bluetooth. iPhone 7 which was just released, no longer has an auxiliary jack for the cord to connect a car/speaker to a phone. The headphones that come with the iPhone 7 are also Bluetooth. To connect your headphones to your phone with a cord, it requires an adapter to the charger cable.

This is a huge step up in technology. Will the new iPhone without an auxiliary jack cause issues for people with older speakers and/or cars that do not have Bluetooth available? “Bluetooth is convenient but it is inconvenient to set up. Instead of just plugging a cord in you have to go to settings and pair your phone, which sometimes can take a while for different reasons,” said senior Jake Parson.

Many newer cars do not provide an auxiliary jack. They have a Bluetooth option or a USB (universal serial bus) to plug in a charger cord and play music through their device. This is a complaint from many teenagers. Although Bluetooth is very tech savvy and new “it takes too long to pair phones to a car, using an aux cord is way easier and faster. Especially for a short ride,” said senior Megan Wells.

The charger cable is also known to be inefficient because people have complained they have to unplug their phone and plug it back in in between songs. “It gets really annoying if I switch music apps because I have to unplug and plug my phone back in. I usually use both apple music and sound cloud depending on what music I’m listening to,” said senior Emily Rogers.

Bluetooth headphones are one of the newer technologies that are getting popular. iPhone 7 is made for bluetooth use and no cords except the charger. Beats also offers a headphone style that is Bluetooth. These headphones have many upsides but bring complaints, again mainly from teens.

“The Bluetooth headphones are cool and everything but if I had them I think I would lose them quickly. Without the cord connecting my headphones to my phone I would need to always have my headphones in a case when I’m not using them. I usually have my phone on me anyway so the use of bluetooth doesn’t do too much anyway. Bluetooth is good in situations where I am walking away from the speaker with my phone and I don’t need a cord,” said senior Dylan Mudd.