Frederick Fair Open All Week, with Animals, Rides and Great Food


by MacKenzie Akers

Summer has sadly come to an end, but this doesn’t mean the fun is over just yet. The Great Frederick Fair is celebrating 153 years of good old fashioned family fun. The fair is a great way to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. There is something there for everyone, whether you’re an adrenaline junky and want to go on the crazy rides, see all of the animals or just walk around eating the great food.

When asked what she planned to do while at the fair, sophomore Katelyn Burdette said “Definitely not ride the ferris wheel because it scares me. It makes super loud cracking noises and I do not trust it. I like to just walk around and hang out with my friends while I’m there.”

Burdette then added “Oh and of course I go there for the food as well!”

Junior Makenna Hines said her favorite part about the fair is “seeing my family show their animals and usually winning awards. I also like to go to walk around with my friends. I will definitely go more than once.”

The food is a big hit at the fair. Senior Kelcie Robertson said “I’m going to fair day mainly for the food and to hang out with my friends of course. I really like the smoothies in those cool cups; they are so good and the cups are fun to keep.”

Junior Colin Jacobs is a big fan of the fair; he only wishes it were bigger. When asked what he does while there he said “I go to the fair to hang out with my friends, eat some good food, and see all of the baby animals. [The fair] is always a good time, I’ve gone every year since I moved here which was three years ago.”

Some of the students in FFA show their animals at the fair which means they miss school for an entire week. Junior Sydnie Grossnickle shows ten cows and six goats at the fair. Grossnickle said she enjoys showing her animals because it gives her the ability to educate people about cows and where products like milk comes from.

The fair is a huge deal in the Frederick community. All FCPS schools dedicate a day off school for the students and staff to go and enjoy all of the festivities. Fair Day is September 23rd this year and is the busiest day of the fair season.