iOS10 Released with Some Problems and Some Great Features

by Aly Riggs

iOS10 was released two days ago on September 13th. Thousands of people have downloaded this update and have been waiting for this. There have been problems with this new release but there have also been great achievements as well.

One of the new gadgets with this update is the messaging. With the new messaging system you can send effects on your texts. You can also view your messages and have them pop up on your screen and respond directly from there. Instead of having to click on a button, you can set your iphone to automatically turn on the screen when lifting up your phone. If you do not want your screen to automatically turn on then you can also adjust it and make it so that it allows you to type in your password or press the home button with your fingerprint.

“This allows me to express myself better because there are more options to reply with like gifs and cool edits,” said senior Claire Owen. iOS 10 is really cool because having the option to draw and then send it as a message is very convenient and fun.

Another new item that has been added with iOS 10 is the fact that you can replace your words with emojis. When sending a text if you simply hold the word that is an emoji you can switch them. “ Being able to type a message and then go back through and figure out all the new emojis and which words you can switch is really fun,” said sophomore Maddie Holley.

iOS 10 is making it easier for all ages to use them. Older generations have had a tough time adjusting to the iphones and the touch screen. Now that we have this new update the older generation can access this and understand it better. “ iOS 10 really organizes everything a lot better and allows you to find everything easier with less struggle” said senior Taylor Stair.

Everyone should download iOS 10 because it is a new and easier way to communicate in our generation.