Jane Patterson: Artist, Track Star, Gamer and All-Around Groovy Person

by Taylor Seabolt

Jane Patterson, artist, track star, gamer, and friend. This Lion strives for success everyday while also meeting people with a welcoming spirit. Patterson is a senior at Walkersville High School and plans to attend Frederick Community College after completing her final year.  

“Jane is very friendly and helpful to everyone,” said special education teacher Suzanne Rumpf. She later added, “She is as sweet as they come.”

Patterson loves to hangout with her friends and family, recently having traveled to Hawaii.

“I like chilling in the sun” said Patterson, then continued, “I love hanging out with my friends and family.”

Time flies at Walkersville High, but Patterson shares one of her favorite memories: Have you ever laughed so hard that tears swelled in your eyes?

“I put ice in my mouth and it made a weird sound, and my friend and I could not stop laughing. We almost cried,” said Patterson.

In addition to Patterson loving to hang with family and friends, she loves to learn as well.   

“My favorite class is science because of the experiments,” she said.

Patterson also likes running, video games, going on vacation, and riding her bike. Her favorite sport to play is basketball and she enjoys pizza as her favorite food. She unknowingly blows Walkersville away with her groovy style aside from having so many cool interests.

“She is fashionable with her style and her outlook on life is admirable” said special education teacher Wanda Thaggard she added, “She is very artistic; draws beautifully.”  

Patterson is a Unified Track and Field State Champion, an active member of the Leadership Club at WHS, and a Unified Tennis player. Prepared and always ready to brighten any room with her smile, Patterson continues to be a great student athlete.

“The students recently went to the retirement home and they really took initiative to work and help out every single student,” said retired Special Education Teacher Sally Hoague.

“I think she is the sweetest girl I’ve ever met. Smart and talented too” said senior Jesse Maher.

A spontaneously amazing young lady keeps happiness in her pocket and a smile in her wallet, Jane Patterson starts the school year off by giving her all every day.