Literary Magazine Plans Have Creative Writers at WHS Excited

by Rachel Canzoneri

Walkersville’s creative writing club is planning to start a literary magazine, and hopes are high that the magazine will be successful.

The magazine will feature fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction, and will be published digitally for easy access.

“I think that the magazine will be a great way for students to express themselves. It will also allow students that may be interested in creative writing to become more involved and make the school aware of their writing,” said senior Denae Hurt.

Junior and editor of the magazine Parker Montour said, “it gives students a chance to get their writing out there. If you write a poem, and get it in the magazine, people are actually gonna get to see it.” Senior Kara Roberts agreed, stating, “it’s a great idea because I love reading other student’s work, and it helps you learn about your fellow writers. It helps your own writing as well.”

Senior Chanda Kaunda said the magazine is “a good platform for students who are interested in writing and illustrating their ideas.” Kaunda added, “depending on how big the magazine gets, hopefully it’ll get other students and classes involved too.”

“If kids wanna actually write one day, they can use the magazine to get criticism and get their talent out there. Plus kids love to read other kid’s writing.” Senior JT Andrews added, “it will be extremely extravagant.”

English teacher Jessica Bowers said, “it’s awesome because all good schools have literary magazines, and it supports the prosperity of writing in young adults.” English teacher and supervisor of creative writing club Stephanie Hart said “the magazine will give students an opportunity they’ve never had before to express their thoughts and feelings.” Hart added,“posting the magazine digitally will allow for easier access as well.”

“I think a lot of schools and colleges have literary magazines, and I feel our population is large enough to have one as well. I think it’ll be an awesome opportunity for students,” said English teacher and supervisor of creative writing club Diana Sung. Sung added, “for me personally, literary magazines mean a lot to me because I had some of my favorite work published in a literary magazine in my junior and senior year, and getting that validation and respect for your writing is amazing.”

With the literary magazine hopefully starting soon, the people of Walkersville are hungry for student’s creative writing.