Pride Members “Run the School,” Sharing the Good Things WHS Students Do

by Jessica Bentley

Many students at Walkersville High have received or written a PRIDE card; what happens in between the process of writing then receiving is a mystery to many.

“I think it is amazing and fun to watch the students recognize each other. Most times people rely on the adults to point out the good things they see, and I like to see the students taking ownership to make sure there school is where it should be. It is also nice to see the good kids get the recognition they deserve,” said club advisor and English teacher Diana Sung.

There are many students and people in the PRIDE committee from all the grades, and they do a lot when they meet. The club usually meets three times a week. In those meetings, they log the PRIDE cards, pass them out and decide what they are going to do next. They also talk about possible prizes. “So far the prizes we offer are T-shirts or free tickets to the football games,” said junior Debbie Afolabi.

Since the beginning of the school year the committee has received a lot of PRIDE cards and responses to the initiative. “I am proud of the response; it shows that students are trying to make the school better, and it is great that students want to highlight the good things their fellow peers are doing,” Afolabi said.

“Sometimes during the meetings I go to flex classes to inform the students about PRIDE. Other times I read and deliver the cards. I really enjoy being a part of the club. I think it is fun to spread the positive energy all around the school,” said junior Deirdre Hall.

“People handle the Twitter feed sometimes during our meetings. The box to put your PRIDE cards in is sometimes at lunch, or in the office. If it is not in either of those places it can be found in Mrs. Sung’s room,” said junior Jayla Pollock. If you want to check out the Twitter page and see some of the great examples of PRIDE cards their page is @prideWHS.

The PRIDE members do a lot behind the scenes to make the initiative work. Sung said, “I like to say they run the school, because they kind of do.”