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Seniors Already Preparing for Life After High School

by Nicole Daily

As the class of 2017 enters into their senior year at Walkersville High, many students look forward to their future college lives. From visiting college campuses to applying early, several students are excited and prepared.

While some rising college students dread the long, agonizing hours of studying, early morning rituals, and getting ready for their future, many are excited for this experience of a lifetime. Most of the students here at Walkersville High are taking their college planning seriously looking forward to the opportunities to expand their career and the newfound freedom of adulthood.

“I’m looking forward to being able to pursue the career I want by taking classes that focus on biology,” said senior Britt Knott, “Over the summer I’ve visited colleges and took the SAT’s.”

Senior Enrique Figueroa is another student preparing for the journey of college, doing as much as he can to get ahead. “I set up a common application account and went on college tours,” he says. He cites “freedom” as the most anticipated part of going to university. Along with Figueroa, senior Kaitlyn Oberhaus exclaimed how she is looking forward to “being independent.”

Although these students are excited about the prospective free rein and independence, some are not. With great college acceptances comes great responsibility. Entering their senior year, only a select few have actually picked out a college. Senior Nick Thomason exclaims how he is “probably going to the Navy after high school.”

So the real question is: how are these new seniors getting prepared for college? It is not a simple task, taking time and effort. Along with ongoing college visits, applying several months early, and doing some thorough research, students starting to think about their degree or major seem to be ahead of the game. From communications to biopsychology and environmental science, WHS seems to have a variety of majors for students in the future.

Senior year is a big year for many high school students. From getting ready to say goodbye to home, to enduring a whole new life, students are preparing now more than ever. College is a huge turning point for most people, and senior year of high school is just the beginning.