Should High Schools Be Allowed Open Campus Lunch?

by Symbria Woodley


Having breaks between classes is great, but having breaks off campus is even better. There are several positive aspects about having open campus lunch and there are some negative ones as well. For example being able to eat a variety of meals during lunchtime, rather than the predictable cafeteria meal.

“I do not believe there is enough time to get lunch because there’s only a few options to choose from. There would be a lot of safety concerns concerning the student. Many would be tempted not to return back to school,” stated Office Secretary Sandy Larkin. In addition to her statement, if open campus is allowed, it is very possible that such freedom will make it all too easy for students to not return after lunch. However there would be students responsible enough to have the motivation to return.

“We have more options than they think that we do.We are mature enough to have open campus lunch,” says senior Chesley Schwantes. With that being said, students of course would lean more into having off campus lunch because we want to prove them wrong and show administration that we could be mature and come back to the school. However staff members think differently of this idea.

“It would be a pain for administration. Students are better off having lunch inside; it makes it more comforting for the parents to know where their child is,” said Assistant Principal Cindy Johnson. The administration definitely sees the negative results to outweigh the positive in the end.

In other counties, open campus is widely accepted. For example, Duval County in Jacksonville, FL have a one hour lunch break from 11:30 a.m to 12:30 p.m. During their hour lunch break, they can eat at home or at a resturaunt. Of course students would love this idea. We do not think about the repercussions and what could possibly happen.

However the cons of this idea do highly outweigh the pros in this situation such as having a lack of awareness. Many question whether students aged 16-18 have the self-control to drive safely when running late. Students would prefer being late rather than getting into a car accident.

“I would love to go to home during lunch and take a nap,” stated senior Tatiana Wallace. This is  the reason why having off campus lunch would not work out for us students. Though who would not want to go home after four hours of class and take a 30 minute nap?    

In conclusion to having open campus lunch, adults have won one. If anything were to happen to the students, administration would be held responsible. Than that would start a whole other issue. Issues that we do not need. At the end of the day we just have to deal with eating in the cafeteria.