Students Like the Money After School Jobs Bring In, But the Consequences Can Be Challenging

by MacKenzie Akers

Here at WHS, many students have the ability to juggle a social life, school work, sports, and a part time job. Having a job during the school year affects students in both negative and positive ways. Whether it is not having free time to hang with friends or making lots of money, having a job during the school year has consequences.

When asked how working affects a student’s school work, senior Alyiah Jackson said, “I work at Sheetz and literally work all the time. I do not get off until 11 p.m. so I am really tired for my first block class and it sometimes affects my performance in that class.” Most students wake up around six in the morning, therefore, when they go to bed late they will not be able to get the recommended eight hours.

“I work right after school and on the weekends so it really affects my social life and it sucks when I work late because I have to wake up at six in the morning to get ready for school,” concurred Junior Avery Long. Working after school and being tired the next morning seem to go hand in hand for most students.

Working with friends can make work so much more fun. Senior Nadine Kuster and junior Charlie Green both work at Pump It Up together. Kuster said “working after school is hard because you are tired and you can’t get any of your homework done. It is fun to work with [Green] though.” Green then added “I am probably gonna fail.”

Principal Tracy Franklin also had something to say about students having after school jobs. When asked how she felt on the topic Franklin said “Some kids must have [after school jobs] to support their family, pay for a car, or participate in social activities. You’re going to be working the rest of your life and $8 an hour may seem good now but you should think about your long term goals. You don’t want to be making that your whole life so you should focus on your education. School should be your number one priority.”