WHS Baseball Team Gets Off to an Early Start, with Dreams of a Championship In the Spring

by Nicole Daily

Many WHS sports are preparing for their season well in advance. Alongside the football team, Walkersville High School baseball has began their preseason rituals.

Although the start of baseball season is months to come, the boys here at Walkersville High are more prepared than ever. With a hopeful season ahead, preparation is critical. Workouts in the weight room are held every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, with Thursday practice on the field.

After a great season last year, running 17-5, the Lions only strive to be better. Whether exercising on their own time, or along with the team, students manage to get in as much physical preparation as possible.

Second baseman senior Anthony DeVincentis stated, “we have already started after school workouts four days a week to get ready for the season,” DeVincentis continued, “to be honest I think most of us expect nothing less than a state championship this year. We have a really talented team and as long as we can put everything together I think we can go as far as we want.”      

Some students may be a little shocked at the early start. Not only does this take time away from academics, but it puts a lot of stress on their mind and body. Although this strain may be a hassle, the boys still think it is necessary in order to have a great season.

When asked about the early lifting schedule, DeVincentis exclaimed, “at first I was a little surprised we started this early, but I think it’s a smart move overall.” Along with DeVincentis, pitcher and shortstop junior Eric Turvin said, “I feel like people think it may be too early, but in the long run it should pay off for us.” Turvin later added, “I think as long as we keep the same drive that we’ve had for the past two years we could get a state championship.”

While the players may be baffled by this early start, the coaches have their own view. When asked about the early start, head coach Erick Greene stated, “I would love to have better attendance, but the guys showing up are working extremely hard.” Greene continued, “we won our confidence last year and we’ve only lost three players.”

In hopes of a great season, all of the players for the Walkersville baseball team are doing their best to get into shape and get ready to win.