With Homecoming Nearly Here, Will You Visit a Tanning Salon to Prepare?

by Taylor Diggs

Homecoming is right around the corner and finding time to prepare is becoming difficult. Homecoming occurs during the fall season, so people are beginning to lose their summer glow. Some girls choose to partake in tanning salons to prolong their tan.

Everyone has their own opinions on the idea of paying money to receive artificial sun. “I don’t have a problem with it, but those who go out the day before and look orange probably isn’t your best decision” said senior Skylar Mishler.

Tanning occurs in two ways; laying in a bed or a spray tan. “I think it’s ridiculous and people look orange,” sophomore Lindsey Windsor said.

For some people it helps them to feel better about themselves and if you look good then you feel good. Not only do girls tan for homecoming, but they partake in the salons all throughout winter. “I think it’s a waste of time and money and no one cares if you are tan,” said senior Maddie LaQuey.

People often look at tanning as a negative thing, but just like anything else it has two sides. Tanning provides vitamin D that you do not get as much of during the winter months.

“I believe that natural tanning is fine and looks good, but people that go to a tanning salon just look fake and it is not a good look and it’s very unnecessary,” said senior Carlie Hopkins.

“Natural tanning is okay as long as you don’t over do it. Going to a tanning salon and getting too dark is weird and if you become a totally different color it doesn’t look good at all,” said senior Jack Chavez.

Preparation for homecoming is different for everyone and their priorities are all different. So as you prepare for homecoming, do you think you will start at a tanning bed?