Bath and Body Works Brings Out Their Best and Most Popular Scents In the Winter

by Symbria Woodley

Bath and Body Works has some of the most, albeit heavily scented, bath and beauty products in the United States. The retail store has products ranging from candles to hand soaps to body lotions. The products are a part of one of the brand’s main segments, body care, hand soaps and sanitizers, and home fragrance.

It is coming to the winter season which has a lot of people in a jolly mood. Every season Bath and Body Works comes out with their Signature Collection. The Signature collection includes, shower gels, body lotions, body creams, fragrance mists, and body scrubs. Items include fragrances for both men and women. According to (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bath_%26_Body_Works) “this collection includes the fragrance, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Bath and Body Works number one seller. It also includes, A Thousand Wishes. This fragrance won a consumer’s choice award in 2015. The body lotion and other products are infused with shea butter and other nutrients, such as vitamin E to ensure high performance. Retired fragrances are fragrances that were once a part of the signature collection that are now discontinued in stores.”

“Winter is my favorite season, only because the best scents come out during that time period,” said senior Angela Ramos.

Bath and Body Works comes out with their winter collection around this time of the year and usually ends around February. A few of their limited fragrances are: Winter Candy Apple, Winter White Woods, Vanilla Bean Noel, Winter Candy Apple, Sparkling Woods, Vanilla Snowflake, Sweater Weather, and much more.  In agreement with Ramos, junior Kayla Reed said, “I love their winter collection, but I hate that it is limited. I have to buy like three bottles to last me throughout the year until next winter.” It is unfortunate that their best scents are limited; however they offer most of the collections online, but you would probably have to pay extra, which should not be that difficult if it is really your favorite fragrance.

Bath and Body Works is a favorite to many. The store offers hundreds of smells that are difficult to choose from. Christmas is coming up as well, so stopping by there and getting a gift would be great for your significant other!