Blue and Gold Spirit Day Shows Enormous Pride of Walkersville High Student Body

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by Angie Florimbio

With spirit week wrapping up, students and staff are showing their Walkersville pride by sporting their blue and gold spirit wear!

Sadly today is the last day of spirit week. As you walk down the halls you will look upon a sea of blue and gold. As stated by junior Shannon Reiley, “the colors work well together”; the same way the students and staff have worked together this week to support Walkersville.

“It’s really awesome,” said senior Anna Sepanic. “ I love seeing the entire school showing their spirit. It makes me proud to go to Walkersville.” Senior Alexis Vasquez also loves seeing school pride. “I like the blue and gold spirit day because I can do really cool makeup and I get to see other students’ pride,” stated Vasquez.

Instructional assistant Shannon Marble is so proud to see everyone in their blue and gold attire. Marble stated, “I have never seen so many students in my five years, get so into Spirit Week. I love walking down the hallways and seeing most students participating in Spirit Week.”

Senior Ishara Joseph likes the simplicity of this day. “ I like it because I don’t have to struggle to pick out what to wear. It’s not a struggle.”

Freshman Hannah Benson loves seeing everyone participating in Spirit Week. “ I think it’s cool people here support their school and students. I like that students get so into spirit week because some other schools don’t,” exclaimed Benson.

Secretary Sandy Larkin is always excited for the spirit days. “I think it is so fun to see how much excitement is in the building,” stated Larkin. “It’s great to see the students and staff showing their pride. Homecoming and Spirit Week is such an exciting time for everyone in the school.

This week has clearly shown that all student and staff of Walkersville are some of the most spirited people there could be. Everyone is so excited to be supporting our school and showing off their Lions pride.