Clown Sightings at Dark Creating Fear and Worry

by Nicole Daily

Clown scares are striking the communities surrounding Walkersville and Frederick. All around the United States, people are dressing up as clowns, walking the streets at dark. These are not your average, ‘Happy Birthday’ clowns, they are dark, creepy, and are definitely causing a scare.

Many students are aware of this issue, feeling uneasy everywhere they go. Junior Justin Smith said, “I think it’s sketchy and people should be aware of it. I feel like if I knew I didn’t have people around me I’d be a lot more worried about it, but since I know it can be taken care of by the police, then I feel better,” Smith continued, “It’s an issue, but not a big issue.”

Several pictures and videos have been taken and gone viral by horrified citizens as they try to accommodate their daily lives with these sightings. While many students feel afraid about their well being, some are afraid for the clowns. Sophomore Claire Pickron said, “I am a clown that works at Screamland Farms, so I mean I’d be pretty scared if someone would come up to me and try to harm me.”

This is a big issue all around the US, and many are very aware of it not just for the violence, but for the scare it causes about the community. “I think they [the clown sightings] shouldn’t be happening because it’s causing terror. It doesn’t make me scared, but I think it’s an issue because more people are becoming more defensive,” said worried junior Robbie Terry.

A large amount of people are taking these sightings very seriously. There has been a number of arrests and complaints about these clowns. On the other hand, a few think it is just a joke. “I’m scared because they’re gonna get me in my sleep,” joked freshman Ryan Barndollar. Alongside his peer, freshman Matt Clegg stated, “I don’t like clowns.”

Halloween is nearing ever so close, and the community is in a jumble. Are these clown sightings just a fun joke, or should they be taken seriously?