Donovan “Dono” Key a Football Player with a Great Attitude and Personality

by Aly Riggs

Having played football for 10 years senior Donovan Key has become a player to talk about. Key, or as his friends call him Dono, plays football for the Walkersville High School team as number 10. He has only progressed over the years and has become a great high school football player. Not only does it show on the field but it also shows in academics and outside of school.

Dono has played quarterback, defensive back, and wide receiver throughout his high school career. He does not want to continue playing football in college; he wishes to run track in college and study civil engineering.

Many fans come to the football games to watch the boys play and cheer on Dono. In school at lunch students chant “DONO” in order to show their support. “When they chant my name it is kinda weird having everyone stare at me but it doesn’t bother me and I feel supported as well as glad to be a part of the Walkersville community,” said Key.

“Everybody just appreciates Dono and everything that he has done for the Walkersville community,” said senior Claire Owen. Dono also runs track during the winter and the spring. He has made a great impact on the team and has helped them through the wins.

He has a great character and is very social as well as outgoing. He is a very positive person that always keeps people going and cheers them up. “Dono is a legendary man and deserves to be admired by hundreds of people; he is a great football player for kids to look up to and want to play like,” said senior Kyle Daggett.

He is a role model for all ages and not only for football, he does well academically and helping make the community a place for everyone to feel welcome. “He is a nice and respectful person that deserves the recognition that he gets,” said Owen. Dono is going to have a successful career and he is a great model to the Walkersville community.