Engineering Team and Coding Club Reforming with Focus on Both Competition and Knowledge

by Rachel Canzoneri

After the departure of Shop teacher Jim Thuman, Walkersville’s Engineering Team and Coding Club are reforming with a strong desire to learn and show their knowledge!

The club is dividing into two different groups: Engineering Team and Coding Club. Engineering Team focuses on a variety of different areas, ranging from hardware, software, and robotics. They’ll also compete in different competitions, such as VEX Robotics and ACSL Programming Competition. Much like the Engineering Team, Coding Club allows members to learn about both hardware and software, and get basic life skills such as problem solving.

Junior Zeeshan Shaikh said, “Basically there are two sides to the club, and those are competition and coding. The competition is more intense, while coding is more about relaxing and just learning about coding,” Shaikh added, “Personally I joined the club because programming really interests me. You can create and customize robots and control them, and I also like the relaxed atmosphere of coding.”

Junior and Engineering Team leader Susanna Chen said, “Engineering Team is a continuation of the Engineering Club we had last year. The difference is that the competitions have changed to focus specifically on either programming or robotics through the VEX competition, where students can build various robots from a kit able to fulfill certain tasks such as moving objects, and the ACSL competition which tests students on problem solving ability and algorithmic knowledge. What I want to be different from previous year is to have more input from the members and encourage teamwork and communication so that even people who may not be as familiar with robotics or programming can learn and participate.”

Junior and Coding Club leader Roshni Patel said, “I like how the club is open to everyone and you don’t need super amounts of experience to get into it. Plus, computer science is a huge field, and it’s always growing, and more people need to get involved. So computer skills are a valuable skill to have,” Patel added, “Right now we’re still in the beginning stage, but I’m hoping to start bigger projects soon, and using programs like Java.”

“I think it’s great we have an Engineering Club here in Walkersville, because it’s a very interesting field,” said sophomore Shayna Maleson. Maleson added, “right now we’re working on teaching coding to people and getting them more interested in it, which I think is important because I think it’s applicable to lots of areas.”

Walkersville graduate Jeremy Pirker, who plans on majoring in the field of computer science with a focus on coding, said, “The world is more or less run by computers, so knowing how they think and work is so important because it’s literally a part of our future.”

With the fields of engineering and computer science constantly growing, it’s clear that it’s important for a large population to be interested in engineering and coding, and Walkersville Engineering Team and Coding Club  is surely demonstrating their interest!