Girls Soccer Senior Night Ends Regular Season with a 3-0 Shut-out

by Chad Gleason

It was a special night for the senior girls varsity soccer as they played at home one last time, and came away with a 3-0 victory.

Senior Emma Bernardoni had another big game and made her senior night memorable. She had two of the three goals scored in the game. Junior Jenna Molnar had the last goal, “It was nice that I could contribute to our own win on senior night. It was also cool that Emma scored two goals on her own senior night,” said Molnar. Molnar looks up to her senior teammate a lot too, “Emma is a great teammate to have on and off the field. She’s a good leader and someone that I personally can look up to,” Molnar said.

“It was really exciting, we’ve been struggling a little bit all season with putting our shots into the back of the net and I think we did an awesome job coming out aggressive early which helped us a lot in scoring our three goals. Last nights win is good momentum for us going into our last game and regular season and then on to the playoffs,” Bernardoni said.

Bernardoni’s perspective on the way Molnar has been playing was quite good, “I think she’s been awesome for us this year. She’s a hardworker and she’s made a lot of big time plays for us. She scores goals when we need them. And she’s one of our key offensive players.

Bernardoni and Molnar has been a big part of Walkersville’s success on both offense and defense. As the seniors won their senior night they look forward to the next step which is playoffs and they plan on figuring out a way to make it pass the first round. The way they are playing they are looking to make a good run in the playoffs.