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Homecoming Dinner Should Be Planned, to Make the Most of Your Evening

by Kylie McClung

The choices students make for homecoming dinner are crucial. Their decisions set the tone for the rest of the night, filled with dancing and mingling. As homecoming week commences, cat fights break out in the groups whilst deciding where to go for dinner. Everyone has different tastes and different opinions on each restaurant, so picking a place with a large homecoming group is a hard deed.

“My group is going to Glory Days,” said sophomore William Pratt. “The food shouldn’t be too expensive. I’ve honestly never been to Glory Days before but I am really excited about it. I’ll probably end up just getting a burger, I heard it tastes good,” added Pratt. Pratt has three other people in his group so choosing a dining spot wasn’t too hard for him and his groupmates.

“We’re going to Il Porto. Our dinner will probably be expensive and we are planning on splitting the bill so everyone gets to pay themselves. I might end up getting pizza since Il Porto is Italian. I was thinking of getting pasta but it might be too heavy since we have the dance afterwards,” exclaimed sophomore Noah Patrick. Patrick explained that Il Porto was suggested by groupmate sophomore Noah Wilson.

“I’m going to iHop after homecoming. It’ll be too crowded if we go to dinner before. I’m really excited. My favorite thing about iHop is the strawberry and banana pancakes, it’s an extra bonus since I love breakfast foods,” happily stated sophomore Bree Storey.

“My group is going to BJ’s for pre-homecoming dinner. My group is just a group of guys, so we don’t have to worry about paying for a date. I’m planning on getting steak and mashed potatoes. I’ve been to BJ’s before and I really like it,” said junior Collin Jacobs.

Sometimes when groups don’t know where to go or don’t want to decide, they vote. Each individual person votes for a restaurant they want to go to and the majority of the votes wins. This way, choosing a restaurant is fun and fair to everyone.

“We’re going to BJ’s for dinner. I’m going to get mac and cheese off of the kids menu. I’ve only been to BJ’s once and I didn’t like it. I’m only going to BJ’s because the majority of our group voted to go and I was the only one who didn’t want to go,” said freshman Destiny Sims.

Wherever you and your group end up going, be sure to have a good time and enjoy the food and the people. You only get four homecomings your entire high school experience, so make them count!