Spanish Club Concentrating On Literacy and Helping Others

by Katherine Boroughs

Walkersville High School has many clubs that people are able to join, and love to join, based on interests they have. One of the clubs here at Walkersville High is the Spanish club. Spanish club has many people who enjoy the language of Spanish and are joining up with others that share the interest and try to help people around them learn and succeed.

The Spanish club is having a fundraiser right now, Loyda Lugo-Goff, a Spanish teacher at WHS and Senior Alexis Vasquez are both running it.

“You get about $100 if you fill a water bottle or soda bottle with dimes, and the money we raise will be used to give books to Hillcrest Elementary School,”  Vasquez said “the fundraiser will run from October 10th to November 10th and it is a competition between flex classes, and whoever collects the most bottles wins a chip and dip party from Cacique restaurant.”

“This year we’re concentrating on literacy. We will be going to the Walkersville library and reading a book and/or do an activity in Spanish. We are very excited this year because we have a good group of students that will work hard and we want to give back to the community as much as we can,” Lugo-Goff said about the Spanish club this year.

Don’t forget to help the Spanish club and participate in the fundraiser from October 10th to November 10th and bring bottles filled with dimes to your flex class so you can win a chips and dip party for your class!