Strengths and Weaknesses of Popular Music App Soundcloud

by Regan Farr

A lot of teenagers use music as a get away; music has a huge effect on one’s mood or attitude. People stream music through different applications or systems. Soundcloud has been one of the most popular phone applications that people, especially teenagers, use to get music. A new version of soundcloud has recently come out that costs money per month. Is it worth it?

Soundcloud is a super popular app that that is known to have special features like remixes or non-radio songs. It is the third most popular music app used on iOS. Soundcloud has around 175,000 users and allows you to put your own music on it for others to listen to. It is slowly expanding their options of music to have more radio hit songs and country songs. This expanded version is called Soundcloud Go. “I use Soundcloud all the time but I only use the free version; sometimes they don’t have full versions of songs and a lot of low quality music. Paying for it wouldn’t get rid of all the fuzzy and non-official music. I would rather pay for Apple Music,” said senior Elaina Frederick.

Soundcloud Go is $9.99 per month for Android and online users, and $12.99 per month for people with iOS. A free 30 day trial comes with both packages. Soundcloud Go provides offline listening which allows you to listen to your music anywhere without being connected to wifi. Ad-free music and an extended inventory of top artists and hits.  

“Soundcloud Go is nice because I can listen to full songs and not just a preview, but it doesn’t always work at random times. Paying ten dollars a month, I would think the company would make sure it works everywhere for all services,” senior Morgan Jernigan said.

Senior Wolfgang Sonne said, “I would not pay for Soundcloud because the artists don’t make any money off the app so Soundcloud shouldn’t either. I personally don’t think it is worth it to pay ten dollars for it.”