Vice Presidential Hopefuls Kaine and Pence Battle In Debate

by Jacob Keith

The vice presidential debate occurred at nine o’clock Tuesday night, and the tensions were high as the two vice presidential hopefuls went head to head in regards to policy. Indiana Governor Mike Pence is the under ticket to Republican nominee Donald Trump, while Virginia United States Senator Tim Kaine serves as the under ticket to Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton. Both had to answer for the issues that their partners campaigns raised.

In stark contrast to Donald Trump, Pence maintained a calm and composed demeanor, “I believe he was very composed, and that he responded well to the questions he was given,” said junior Roshni Patel. “He did a great job responding to Kaine’s attacks in terms of demeanor.” Pence was highly critical of the current administration, stating that “[he thinks] the best way that we can bring people together is through change in Washington, D.C.,” arguing that the United States needed to take a position of strength, “plain and simple.”

Kaine, on the other side of the coin seemed to be on the offensive, taking a page out of the Republican nominee’s handbook, consistently interrupting Pence during his allotted time. “I understand the strategy, but I don’t believe it was an effective one. I think that it distracted people from Kaine’s good points, making them focus on his attitude,” said junior Will Anderson. Kaine was heavily critical of Donald Trump, using the debate to see Pence defend his partner’s viewpoints on immigration and the like, hoping to catch Pence in arguing against his fellow Republican candidate. Kaine further attacked the Trump campaign due to Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns, often interrupting Pence’s time to question him on these things

Pence argued that the presidential nominee caused the rise of the terrorist entity known as ISIS, stating that there was a power vacuum left in which ISIS was allowed to grow.

While neither candidate can truly be declared a winner of this debate, public opinion has begun to sway in a new direction. “Kaine did well in regards to questioning the Republican platform, but Pence held his own and kept his cool,” said junior Jonathan Rushbrook.

Hopefully, this debate will shed some light on the political positions of the Republican and Democratic candidates.