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Which Is Better — Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes, or Store Bought Creations?

by Lauren Duffy

        Fall is a time of year that brings out the creativity in people. With Halloween right around the corner students are preparing and getting creative with their costumes, whether they buy the costume or make it themselves.

       Junior Paige Shortt is more of a DIY person, Shortt stated, “I usually just throw things together; whatever I have around my house to make my costumes.” Shortt later mentioned, “Some costumes cost a lot and you don’t get that much in them, I don’t really go all out for Halloween so I make what I have work. It’s easier to find things at home.”

        Sophomore Gabby Hamburg prefers to think of her own costumes. Hamburg stated, “The costumes I see at the stores are usually ones that are common costumes or for kids, I like to be creative.” Hamburg continued,“I don’t really do either, make or buy a costume, I just find stuff around my house and make something out if it.”

        Picking out a costume can be very stressful for lots of people; there are so many different characters, styles and sizes that may not be accountable for all body types. That being said it may be easier for some people to make their own and save the money, but on the other hand some teens find it more enjoyable to go to the store and pick out a costume.

         Senior Claire Kotchenreuther has a different opinion on making her own costumes,  Kotchenreuther mentioned “ I personally don’t enjoy making my own costumes, I would much rather go to the store and pick out something.” Kotchenreuther later stated, “I like the concept of a DIY costume but don’t find it enjoyable to spend the time making something”

         Be sure to come out to the football game at Frederick High school,Friday October 28th, to see all of Walkersville’s creative and crazy Halloween costumes.