WHS Students Could Meet On a “Sheetz Run” At Any Time of the Day or Night

by MacKenzie Akers

What makes a random trip to Sheetz an infamous “Sheetz Run”? With great friends, good food, and open 24 hours a day, anyone can see the Sheetz appeal. Although some people have difficulty getting over the fact that it is technically a gas station and not a place to get food, the Sheetz craze is still in full effect for the majority of the population. Sheetz is loved by almost everyone from every grade of student to teachers to even administrators.

Sheetz specializes in delicious (and very unhealthy) fried foods. Junior Becky Dixon said,  “I really likes Sheetz. Their Wisconsin Cheese Bites are the best. I want them all the time. I wish I could go on ‘Sheetz runs’ all the time but I never have a ride. I’m pretty sure the latest I’ve ever gone there was 4:00 in the morning and I still saw people I knew.”

Sheetz is the new hangout spot for Walkersville teens these days. There is something for everyone at Sheetz. Shannon Marble, a teacher at Walkersville High exclaimed, “Oh my gosh, their Spicy Chicken Caesar salad is so good and the Turkey BLT with habanero sauce, and of course pickles. Can’t live without pickles.” For those pickle fans out there, Sheetz also has fried pickles available.

Although Sheetz is great, it has some competition. Math teacher Chris Boothe said “Sheetz definitely has great fried foods and unhealthy foods but Wawa is better overall. Wawa has better sandwiches and wraps. I’m excited that their turkey bowl is coming back soon. It’s a huge bowl of turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing all in one bowl. Does Sheetz have that?”

Senior Corey Chipley said, “My friends and I go on ‘Sheetz runs’ quite often. The cards we sold to raise money for the football team have coupons on them for Sheetz. You get a free drink with the purchase of a MTO food order. I always have fun there with [senior] Chad [Gleason] and [senior] Noah [Ferguson].” That is a pretty good deal and a fun way to spend time with friends.

It seems that only upperclassmen are obsessed with Sheetz but that isn’t true at all. Freshman Sarah Carter and her friends like going to Sheetz all the time. Carter said “I like Sheetz because they have everything. My favorite thing to get is their french fries and of course the Mac N’ Cheese Bites.” These Mac N’ Cheese Bites are a phenomenon in themselves. These fried macaroni and cheese bites drives everyone who eats them crazy.

A senior at WHS, Carlie Hopkins works at Sheetz. When asked about her Sheetz experience, Hopkins said, “I get paid $10 an hour which is pretty good. I like that we are always busy so I never get bored. I love our iced coffee, it’s so good. I usually work Mondays, Wednesdays, and the weekends, so come visit me.”

There are three Sheetz in a 10 mile radius from Walkersville High School; make sure to visit one soon and enjoy all there is to offer!