Chic to Chic Consignment Boutique Can Make You Feel Beautiful and Comfortable

by Symbria Woodley

According to the Chic to Chic website, “Chic to Chic Consignment specializes in helping you find designer fashions while saving/making you money. Whether you’re looking for a smoldering replacement for your little black dress or something extravagant to wow them at the next gala, Chic to Chic Consignment Boutique has something for you.” [1]

Owner Ellen Dodion began working at a high-end clothing boutique in high school. By the time she turned twenty, she was working for a major New York based men’s fashion company and pursuing a career doing what she loved which was helping other people discover what makes them look and feel beautiful.

“Seventeen years later, she was a buyer and district manager for the same company, running four stores in Maryland.” [1] It was only after leaving that company and deciding to go back to school that she discovered the world of high end consignment.

“While working towards her business degree, Ellen was working three jobs; having one be working a position at a Washington D.C. fashion consignment boutique. With a little bit of help from family and friends, a year spent collecting clothing that fit the store’s designer image, and hours upon hours of planning, she opened the doors of her first location just two weeks after graduating in 1997.”[1]

If that does not sound like self determination, I do not know what to call it. I myself have had the pleasure to observe the store and talk to a few people, such as the manager Brittany Carpenter.

Brittany has been working for Chic To Chic for nine years now and has been the manager for five years and has no intentions on working anywhere else, but to go far in the company. Not only did Brittany list many accomplishments for the store, but she also gave us a first time customer discount! How great is that?

While in the store, a first time customer Marie Hoggins said, “It is great. This is my first time here and it is such a cute little shop. I definitely have intentions on coming back!”

I got a chance to speak with the owner herself which was a great experience. What I got from our conversation was that she is very determined in everything that she does. On September 20, 2004, Dedion received a call that there had been an emergency at her shop. When she arrived, she found that a drunk driver had driven through her shop. That was a devastating event for Dedion because everything was going so well for her. People stopped shopping at her store because they assumed that glass would still be in all the clothes from the accident and many thought that she was going to go out of business.

However six weeks later, Dedion re-opened her store and business immediately started back on its feet. Dedion has done an excellent job for her company and will continue to do just that.