Shabby Chic a Popular Woman’s Clothing Store In Downtown Frederick

by Aly Riggs

          Shabby Chic in downtown Frederick is a well known boutique that is very popular among the community. Their hours are roughly 11am to 8pm, depending on the day.
Shabby Chic sells clothes with great quality to women at low prices. The dedicated owner, Christina Christopher is a very hardworking woman. “The owner is very nice and she and the employees are always making sure that you are finding what you’re looking for,” said customer Kris.

           Shabby Chic competes with the other boutiques downtown, and always make sure that their prices are lower than their competitors. They have unique styles for everyone in their store.

Shabby Chic is located in the middle of downtown Frederick and is definitely worth the visit for the accommodating price. “Every time I go in there I come out with more than I wanted to buy,” said customer Theresa.

“Working here is definitely a good choice; the customers are nice all the time and I love helping whoever comes in here,” said employee Hannah. She recently started working there and loves her job.

In the store they have all different types of clothing. The wardrobe options change throughout the seasons so you are always in style. No matter who you are you will always find something in this store. They have a variety of sizes also so that everyone who comes in has options. “They have so many choices of clothes to shop through — sometimes it’s overwhelming but everything is super cute. The clothes also fit very well and their sizes are true unlike other stores,” said customer Charity.

Shabby Chic is truly there to help you find what you are looking for and make sure that you are buying it at a good price. Be sure to go visit Shabby Chic sometime soon; they are definitely one of the top boutiques in downtown Frederick.