Unified Tennis Celebrates Their Titles at Adventure Park USA
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by Taylor Seabolt

photos courtesy of Will Scheetz

On November 8th the Unified Tennis team celebrated their victory of two state titles. The team came together at Adventure Park USA for pizza and arcade games. All of the athletes met in one of the party rooms and talked with one another while waiting for the remaining people to arrive.

There was a celebration held for the athletes. It was such a very warm and positive reward for the athletes who worked hard in the state competition. After cheese and pepperoni pizza, they wheeled out a beautiful cake.

Later team members Simon Mullarkey, from the success program,  and senior Giovanni Penate were given the credit of making the cake. The two did a beautiful job making the cake and the unified tennis team thanked them. Before their coach Will Scheetz set them loose he said some final words to his tennis team. “Thank you for a great season, I don’t think two state titles in one day has been done before but you guys did it thank you now go have some fun,” said Scheetz.

They grew a little impatient but this only made the fun and games that much more enjoyable. The team debated what activity they were planning to do, and it seemed as if before they could make up their minds it was time to have some fun.

In the midst of the celebration, freshman Herbie Matthews said, “It’s been really fun so far; the pizza was good and it’s great hanging out with everyone,”

Senior Jesse Maher was particularly grateful for the opportunity to go to Adventure Park because he had been unable to go previously due to an injury, “It’s the first time I’ve been here since my surgery, but I’m having a great time.”

Excitement stirred in the minds of the unified tennis team as to their fun day. The team ran in completely different directions to do everything from playing laser tag to climbing the rock wall. A few students played laser tag for the sum of the day, while others jumped from game to game.

It was a wonderful way to end an amazing season and celebrate every person who worked or helped alongside the team in achieving victory.