WHS Seniors Prepare for the Real World with Interviews with Community Volunteer
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by Chad Gleason

Every year Walkersville High has their seniors do an interview to prepare their students for the real world. They evaluate the students out of four points — four being excellent, and one being unsatisfactory. If a student were to get a four they did exactly what they were supposed to do and they were hired. A three was strong but they have room for improvement and they might get hired. A two was moderate and they were not ready to be hired yet. If they were to get a one, they will not be hired at all and need a lot of improvement.

The students were asked two questions. The most common questions that were asked were “If your name was searched on Social Media, what impression would I find?” and “If you were a kitchen appliance, which one would you be? And why?” They were also scored on appearance, attitude, responses, resume, and active listening.

After Josh Clegg went to his interview he said “I was not nervous or very excited, but I was prepared and I have had a lot of interviews with college coaches for baseball. I talk to them pretty often so it was not hard to speak to someone that I am not familiar with. So I feel like my experience with this helped me.”

Before Brian Raimundez was interviewed he said “I feel a bit nervous but I also feel confident so I think I will do well. I have mentally prepared myself for this interview by sitting down with my friends and practicing.”

After Noah Ferguson was interviewed he said “I was not nervous but I was also not fully prepared. I found out about the interview Monday. I have had a few interviews before so it helped me out a good bit.”

Barry Burch, who plans all the interviews and is in charge of this big event is a teacher here at Walkersville High School. “We try to prepare our students for their future. We try to find the student’s weaknesses and strengths in the  interviews. The feed back will tell us what they need help with and also the direction they are heading with their life.”

This event will help the students here at Walkersville High be familiar with interviews and give the students a better opportunity to get a job after high school.