Baked Goods Are the Best Over the Holiday Season!

by Rachel Canzoneri

One of the most liked parts of the holiday season is all the delicious baked goods friends and family make, but what are Walkersville’s students and staffs favorite choices?

“My grandmother always makes these peanut butter cookies with a Hershey Kiss in the middle. It’s tradition in our house to make them, so those are my favorite,” said senior Carlie Hopkins. Senior McKinley Ireland agreed, stating, “I’ve always loved the peanut butter cookies with the Hershey Kiss in the middle.”

Gym teacher Lee Palmer said, “Homemade, soft, fresh-out of the oven chocolate chip cookies are the only baked good that matters.” Substitute teacher and self-proclaimed “cookie guy” Danny Snite retorted, “Chocolate crinkle cookies are the best holiday cookie.” Snite went on to say, “I feel that the store bought sugar cookies with little Santa or Christmas tree imprints on them are incredibly overrated.” This contrasts greatly with Senior Daniel Main, who said, “I like the pre-made sugar cookies with the picture on it, cause you don’t have to actually make those.”

“I love desert in general, so I get really hyped over baked goods in general during Christmas time, but I will especially crush cinnamon rolls and brownies,” said senior Ishara Joseph. Fellow senior Alexis Vasquez disagreed, saying, “Gingerbread men are my favorite because they taste good and decorating them is fun and you can make them look cute.”

Junior Haleigh Eyler said, “Snickerdoodles are my favorite because me and my family make them every year.” Sophomore Elijah Oliver agreed, saying, “My top two are snickerdoodles and apple pie.” Sophomore Sean Madery retorted, saying, “Chocolate pie is the best.”

Math teacher Christopher Boothe said, “Being someone who has no self control for cookies, I think the fact that everyone is baking cookies in general is the best part of the holiday season!”

While it’s clear WHS is divided on what the best baked good is, it’s clear everyone has unique traditions and a variety of favorite baked goods during the holiday season!