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FCC Dual Enrollment Students Face the Tough Finals Week, and then the Sweet Release of Fewer Classes

by Regan Farr

This week is one of the most stressful, crazy weeks in college. It is finals week! Not only colleges from around the country are taking finals this week, but students at Frederick Community College (FCC) and our FCC dual enrollment students are finishing up their first semester classes.

December 8th, is last day for first semester classes at FCC. This includes the Dual Enrollment program in Walkersville. Many seniors and even juniors have gotten ahead by taking these classes to receive college credits. Now that first semester is coming to an end, students have a bitter-sweet feeling, the bitter part, of course, being final exams of course. Which begs the question, how does one efficiently prepare for this stressful week?

Senior Dylan Mudd is taking Biology 101 this semester and has to prepare for his final Thursday. “I’m reading some of the chapters in the textbook that I don’t feel very confident about. I am also taking a bunch of practice quizzes that can easily be found online, which are very helpful,” Mudd explained.

“I am preparing note cards for my final exams and am finishing up a final paper for English 101. I have been trying to get a good night of sleep but it is hard when I have so much studying to do. It is stressful but it will be worth all the studying Thursday, and then I will have only one class everyday,” said senior Savannah Koontz.

“I’m nervous for finals; I have a lot of studying to do especially for Biology. I am just excited after this week I won’t have these classes anymore and I will have two classes a day. I just have to work through the pain right now,” senior Claire Owen said with a laugh.

The bitter part is getting through finals, but what about the sweet part? Now that college classes are ending, the high school semester does not end until after Christmas break. These students have about a month break. Depending on how many FCC classes you took, the freedom from now until January varies. Certain people who took three dual enrollment classes will only have one class a day from this Friday, December 9th, until next high school semester.

As the dual enrollment program continues to expand, more and more students will most likely want to be a part of it with all the benefits.