Senior Captain Chad Gleason Writes About the Preparation Involved In a State Championship Game

by Chad Gleason

For the second year in a row our football team is going to the state championship. As a team captain it is a week of hard work. The way last year ended was very unfortunate. We have worked hard to get where we are again but for a different outcome.

We had two weeks to prepare for this big game and we tried to use the extra week to our advantage. Last week we had film Monday, November 28th, and broke down Elkton’s film and learned their offense and defense. Tuesday we had a team stretching session with Chris Campbell from Sport and Health. That was so we could get fresh blood flowing through our bodies so they could recover better from our previous game. Wednesday, we went just shoulder pads and helmets and had a light practice. Thursday, we also we went helmets and shoulder pads but had a little bit more of an intense practice. Friday we had a intense practice with half pads again. Then we had that whole weekend off. That following week was game week and it was time to get serious.

Monday, December 5th, everyone was just getting the feel of everything and we were just realizing that we were actually going to a state championship again. A few players on team got interviewed from the Frederick News Post as well.

Tuesday was our first day of full pads and we had a lot of hitting going on in practice. We all thought that Tuesday was our best practice of the year. Wednesday was when everyone could start to feel the whole school get really excited and it just made the whole team get more excited but it was also the last day in full pads.

Thursday, was just like Wednesday’s practice but in half pads. One of Towson’s coaches came to our practice to check a few of our players, which gave a little more hype to our practice. Friday was really exciting — it was nothing but football all day in every classroom.

The school is crazy, We had kids doing 14 push ups on the lunch table because they believe we will finish the season 14-0. It is just amazing how our school supports us and the team. We are very thankful for our community, school and all the people that supports us, we could not have done it without you!