Which Is Better — White Lights Or Colorful Christmas Lights?

by Aly Riggs

There is always one argument around Christmas time and everyone knows what it is; white Christmas lights or colorful Christmas lights? Many people have a very strong opinion about which is better. Either way they are both Christmas lights right? Not to some people!

As you drive around the neighborhood you notice that there are many people getting in the Christmas spirit by hanging up lights and decorations. Lights have been a Christmas tradition for many years now.

“My neighborhood is full of many different colors and varieties of Christmas lights. I think that both lights are very beautiful and project many different themes. I think that my favorite Christmas lights are the ones that flash and light up to the different songs. Both the colorful and white lights are good for that type of arrangement,” said junior Kathleen Duffy.

“Ever since I could remember my Dad has always asked me to help him put up the Christmas lights. We usually put them up after Thanksgiving. We put up the traditional white Christmas lights because they look more original. Many people in my neighborhood put up white lights and it makes our neighborhood look more traditional for the Christmas holiday,” said senior Elaina Frederick.

Some people think that the white Christmas lights are more traditional and normal, but others think that the new uprising of the colored lights are making a positive change on the holidays.

“Colorful lights are superior to white lights when it comes to Christmas because they are more likely to have a better effect on the mood of the holiday. White lights have been a tradition for decades whereas colorful lights are becoming more popular as the years pass. Colorful lights are prone to stand out more because of the bright rays of light they project. Different colors portray various effects on the mood of Christmas, for example red portrays thoughts of passion and love and blue portrays trust and peace. These colors are not only more effective to create a cheerful holiday mood, but they also make the scenery more attractive to the eye. Overall, colorful Christmas lights are the better choice for when it comes to enjoying the most joyful holiday season,” said senior Emily Rogers.

There are many different opinions when it comes to which color of Christmas lights should be put up on houses but Christmas spirit isn’t just shown by Christmas lights!!