With the Cold Winds Blowing, WHS Students Long for the Snow and the Days Off School That Come with It

by Angie Florimbio

With the weather rapidly getting colder, Walkersville students are bundling up and getting ready for the incoming snow.

Most Walkersville students are brimming with anticipation, waiting for the first snow to cancel school. “I love snow,” exclaimed senior Brayden Shorrow. “I like making snow forts and having snowball fights with my friends. I live on a big farm so there is always plenty of room to have epic snowball fights,” Shorrow continued.

Senior McKinley Ireland is very passionate about snow. “I love it! I want all the snow. All of it,” stated Ireland. “I’m upset that we haven’t gotten snow yet. I like to go for walks in the snow.”

“In the past, I loved snow days. In the moment, not when we had to make up the missed days later in the year,” said senior Anna Sepanic. “This year, since we’re seniors, we don’t have to make up any days. Bring on the snow days!”

Junior Haley Spangler loves snow too. “I want so many snow days because we get off of school which is always great,” stated Spangler. When asked what she likes to do on snow days Spangler said, “I like to sled because I have a big hill at my house, and I like to drink hot chocolate.”

Some students do not like snow, but love the fact that they get off school. Senior Denae Hurt is one of these students. “I hate snow but I love not being in school,” stated Hurt. When asked why she felt this why Hurt went on to say, “It doesn’t matter to me because I’m a senior this year. I’m not going to have to make up days at the end of the year.”

When asked about snow days senior Kirsten Schwantes said, “I’m really in need of one right about now because I really do not want to be here.” Sophomore Sean Madary said he only likes the feeling of not having to go to school.

Despite not having to go to school, some students truly do not enjoy snow days. “I’m not happy when we have snow days,” said sophomore Elijah Oliver. “Last year it really sucked being stuck in the house for so long and having to make up the days we missed.”

Freshman Luke Keith shares Oliver’s opinion. Keith said, “I don’t see the point in snow days if they aren’t severe. If it’s physically possible to get to school, you should be there.”

It is obvious that most Walkersville students are ready and willing to brave the freezing temperatures in order to get a couple of days off school.