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Cody Strange: Actor, Cat Lover and All Around Good Guy
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by Nicole Daily

Cody Strange is a senior here at Walkersville High School and is a proud member of the WHS theatre crew. He has been an actor all throughout his four years of high school and hopes to continue during college. Strange is a kind hearted, hard working individual who has had a huge impact on many people.

Strange was born and raised in Frederick. He attended Glade Elementary, Walkersville Middle, and now Walkersville High. “My childhood was good; my parents were my support. The neighborhood I grew up in didn’t really have a lot of kids my age, but then I moved to Discovery where I live now. My parents had to work more and more and that’s when I started going to daycare. From then on I became more and more involved and met more and more people,” said Strange.

Strange is an active member of the WHS theatre group and loves every aspect of his acting career. “I’ve been performing since eighth grade but I’ve always loved theatre since I was in elementary school. At my daycare my teachers directed little scenes and that is when I really got into it. My first show was Beauty and the Beast in middle school when I was the narrator. My first lead role was Charlie in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. It was really fun playing a little kid. Rachel Wilson played the girl who picked on me and Becky Brown was my older sister.”

Strange has been part of many plays, in and out of the WHS community. “My favorite show I’ve done is either Hairspray when I played a council member, or The Little Mermaid when I was King Triton’s little fish servant. My favorite play I’ve done was Dracula where I played the monster version of Dracula. I really had to think about the characteristics of a monster since that was the first time I didn’t play an actual person. I liked the makeup and being able to run around and scare the audience.”

While he is part of the WHS theatre, he is also part of an outside group called Small Town Stars in Howard County. “I really liked being Eugene in Grease. That was probably my favorite roles acting wise. It was a really fun learning experience for me because it’s different. You meet different people and you have to know how to create a chemistry with them. I now have a lot of different friends from college and other schools.”

Theatre is a very important part of Strange’s life. “Theatre really made me who I am today, the department is my life and has been ever since high school. We always consider ourselves a family and that is where I’ve met some of my greatest friends and biggest supporters.”

Aside from acting, Strange loves to swim. He swam for the Glade Town Gators and the Dearbought Devil Rays as well as WHS his freshmen year. “Going back to when I was younger I loved the summertime and being able to swim in a pool. My mom asked if I wanted to join the swim team and I just fell in love. I like the competition aspect and being a part of a team. My favorite stroke is breaststroke because it’s my best stroke. They always would put me in that event and I just adapted to it.”

He also has a strong passion for photography. “I started getting into photography two years ago when I visited my aunt in Ohio who is a photographer. I was basically her assistant during that time and the next Christmas she gave me a camera. My favorite thing to take pictures of is people. I like the body language that humans can make to give the photo interest. I also like neutral backgrounds with color in the front. My camera’s name is CrabApple because my friend Chesley’s camera’s name is Pineapple and our thing is that if you name your camera it will give you good luck. We take pictures in water and over bridges so it’s just a fun idea.”

Most people know Cody by two things; theatre and cats. “I love cats. They’re the love of my life, I don’t know why but they just are. They’re great animals. Right now I have four cats but I’ve had nine all together. Their names are Callie, Zeus, Percy, and Belle. I picked their names because Callie is a calico cat, and Zeus and Percy are from one of my favorite movies. Belle is my oldest cat and I named her after one of my favorite Disney movies. I don’t have a favorite — it’s like kids, you shouldn’t have a favorite, but the one who loves me the most is Zeus; he’s the friendliest cat.”

After high school he is hoping to go to college and major in American Sign Language (ASL)/Deaf studies with a minor in theatre production. “I want to become a director and direct shows within the Frederick community, but also try and find a way to bring ASL into the shows. There’s a lot of deaf people in Frederick and I feel like trying to involve them with my life would be a really nice experience and process.”

Cody Strange is a very fun, spunky, outgoing individual who will be missed after graduation. If you have not yet had the opportunity to meet him, now is a great time! Strange will be participating in the musical Mary Poppins this spring, be sure to show your support!