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End of the First Semester Brings Reflection and Hope for a New Start

by Bridey O’Connor

January 20th brings not only the end of a term, but it also brings the end of a semester. This brings new opportunities for friendships and getting lost in the school on the way to class. It is basically a much needed fresh start.
“I’m most excited for Weight Training because I’m ready to get buff. I’m also ready for a fresh new start,” said senior Kalil Ricketts.

“All of my easy classes are next semester so I’m excited for that because that means easy A’s,” said junior Haley Spangler.

“I’m excited to have Haley (her friend) in my first block class next semester,” sophomore Sophia Lonas added.

“[I am] trying for straight A’s! I’m excited for next semester because my parents promised that if I get straight A’s, they’ll let me get a tattoo and a belly button piercing,” junior Skylar Barden said.

“What I’m most excited for next semester is Drawing and Painting 2,” said sophomore Theo Lynch.

“I’m not excited for anything next semester,” said sophomore Savannah Scott.

“To be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t say I’m excited about any classes,” said senior Ashley Wilcom. She continued saying “I’m excited for the spring show, Mary Poppins, but other than that I’m just excited to graduate. I’m done with high school and I look forward to all the things I get to do next.”

Second semester brings with it new opportunities to make a good impression on different teachers, keep your grades up, and new friends to make in class. It also starts the rush towards the end of the year and brings with it spring break, which people are already counting down to.

For seniors, this is the last high school semester for them. For freshman, this is the beginning of the end of their first year of high school. It’s an exciting time for everyone though, so here’s to a fresh start and an amazing new semester.