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Half Way Through January, Are You Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions?

by Bri Francis

Every year after the ball drops we set goals; resolutions that we are meant to keep all year. Usually to better ourselves or the people around us. Although with every promise we make, there is a catch, keeping it!

“My New Year’s resolutions were to get better at sports and to succeed in school. So far I have been doing pretty good, obviously I can’t see a difference in my athletic performance yet since it hasn’t been that long. But ever since we got back from break I have been doing all my school work,” said frosh James Clegg.

Sophomore Katelyn Burdette along with Clegg wants to see an improvement in her athletics, though she says her main goal for 2017 “is to forget about what happened in past years and move forward,” which has been a success for her so far. “I really want to focus on being happy this year and since I’ve set that goal I have been way more positive,” said Burdette.

“My resolution was to eat more! This resolution has not been and will not be broken, I love food and so far 2017 has been a year full of good eats,” said frosh Gabby Collins.

Sophomore Rachel Coleman, like Burdette, says that she too has goals set, “Stay positive and happy as much as I can. I think it might get hard sometimes, but I am ready to tackle problems with positivity and since New Years I have noticed a change, and am way more happy!”

“I’m always thinking about how I’m eating, and being healthy. There are things I want, I would like to see my grandchildren and my own children more often, and I’ve been making efforts toward that.” said art teacher Christine Stovall.

So far students and staff at Walkersville High School are being consistent with keeping their resolutions and from what you can read here, they are better with it! With expectations high and goals being met, 2017 is looking up!