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Highs In the 60’s Today? Enjoy the Warm Weather While You Can!

by Bri Francis

With temperatures below freezing this past week some would say that the warmth is much needed. Luckily for those who do today there is a spike in the current weather patterns. Going from temperatures in the 30’s to a high of 60 you definitely won’t be needing that big winter coat today!

“I’m very excited about the warm weather because I’m not a big fan of the cold. I like the cold if there is like a huge blizzard, like last year! It’s fun when you get snowed in. For me at least, I’m always with friends so we have a great time. I like warm weather better though because I can’t stand being cold. At least when it’s hot you have many ways to cool off. I also like summer and spring clothes better. I wore a romper today because I am taking advantage of the nice weather! Because in like two days it’s going to be freezing again. Another upside to warm weather, for people who play sports you can go outside and practice. I play lacrosse so you’ll definitely catch me outside today,” said sophomore Ellivia Gray.

“A lot of things in my routine will be different today, I am dressed more comfortable and relaxed. I also will definitely change my usual plans up and be doing more activities outside since the weather is so nice,” said junior Jason Carlson.

“I’m definitely wearing shorts today, because it’s been so long since I have! Hopefully everyone cheers up because it’s finally above freezing. I love the warm weather and I’m excited for the snow to finally melt off the ground,” said sophomore Carter High.

Unlike fellow classmates frosh Owen Welty said “I’m not excited about the warmth because it’s winter; it shouldn’t be this warm, but I’ll probably wear lighter clothing since obviously it’s going to be warm.”

With the exception of a few, the students at WHS are definitely siked to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts! Don’t miss your opportunity to feel the warmth before the cold strikes again!