opinions - college vs wide ruled
Most Students Prefer College Ruled to Wide Ruled Paper

by Bridey O’Connor

Paper is an essential part of  our daily lives as students. As we get older, it’s more and more common for students to use college ruled as opposed to wide ruled paper.

As we enter middle school, we start using more and more college ruled paper as opposed to wide ruled, and by the time we enter high school, the percentage of students using wide ruled is very low.

“I like using college ruled paper because you can fit more on the paper and it’s what I’ve been taught to write on,” said junior Antoinette Aburto,

“If I had to pick, I’d probably pick college ruled because it looks nice,” freshman Andrea Campbell said.

“College ruled is what I use because I have small handwriting and it fits better,” said senior Rian Wambach.

“I prefer college ruled heavily, not only because it’s more professional, but because you can fit more words onto a page,” said senior Ashley Wilcom. She added, “As a writer, and someone who’s usually long-winded, college ruled is the only option for loose leaf paper I would consider. You should really leave the wide ruled back in elementary school where it belongs.”

“I personally like wide rules because the space makes it look neater,” said freshman Katy Ash.

“The one I like the best is wide ruled because I can write more notes down and it’s better to do classwork on,” said senior Brian Thebau.

“I personally prefer college ruled because that is what I’ve always used and it gives more space,” said senior Natalie Mills.

Even though the majority favors college ruled paper, wide ruled paper still has some fans in high school. Of course, nothing can beat digital writing because then you can make the margins to your liking.