Noah Patrick Is More Than Just the Roles He Plays on the WHS Stage

by Katherine Boroughs

Noah Patrick, a sophomore here at Walkersville High School, is also known as Prince Eric from the WHS production of The Little Mermaid, Dracula from the WHS production of Dracula, and now Bert in the WHS production of Mary Poppins.

“I only act, and that’s really my entire life. My favorite thing about theatre would probably be the people I’ve gotten the privilege to work with,” he said about his after school activities. “I first started acting last year after taking Ms. McFadden’s technical theatre class. It sounded fun when she convinced me to try it, and after auditions, I fell in love with it.” He continued, “I’ve gotten closer to the people in theatre than I could’ve imagined.”

If you ever wondered what he does on his free time your answer is finally here! He said that he normally watches TV or plays video games when he’s not in school. “I’m also a Boy Scout and I’ll go camping or skiing with my troop.”

Noah is also interested in school and keeping his grades up. “My favorite class right now is probably biology. The genetics unit was really interesting. I thought it was cool to learn about heredity and how I got certain traits that are different to my parents,” Noah said. He said that his favorite part of school was being able to see his friends every day. “It’s easy to get on the bus and go somewhere where all my favorite people are.”

“He’s great at what he does and he’s dedicated to it. He is also just a great person who’s always fun to talk to,” said sophomore Erin Kopit.

“Noah is a hardworking and dedicated theatre student,” freshman Lia Finch stated.

“He seems interested in biology and diving deeper into the different topics that we go over,” said science teacher Katherine Boller.

If you want to be Noah’s friend, just walk up to him and introduce yourself!