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Sadie Hawkins Dance Scheduled for February, and the Girls Get to Ask the Guys

by Aly Riggs

  Walkersville High School’s Key club and NHS has planned an annual winter dance called the Sadie Hawkins dance. The dance has been known throughout middle school and high school.

    This dance is different from homecoming or prom. For prom and homecoming it is typical for the boys to ask the girls to the dance. But for the Sadie Hawkins dance it is known for the girls asking to boys to the dance.

   The Sadie Hawkins dance is more informal than the other dances. The tickets are only $10.00 per person, far cheaper than homecoming and prom. The dance will be held at Walkersville High School from 8:00pm to 10:30pm on February the 18th.

    “I am actually very excited for this dance because it’s not the same as homecoming or prom. It’s different and more casual. The girls get to ask the guys to the dance and I think that’s really cool,” said senior Claire Kotchenreuther.

  “I think that this Sadie Hawkins dance will be really fun because it’s another opportunity to be able to dance and have fun with friends. We don’t have any other dances besides prom and homecoming so it’s nice to have something different to be able to attend,” said senior Madison LaQuey.

  The NHS and Key club planned this because they wanted to raise money for the school and other organizations.

   Senior Rylee Duncan said “We wanted to have this dance so that the NHS could raise money that we could possibly donate or use towards buying the seniors graduation stoles. We hope that either the money from the dance or the Mr. Walkersville pageant could be donated to the schools road to technology fundraiser. The Sadie Hawkins dance is through both NHS and Key Club. Half of the funds raised will be given to NHS and half to Key Club but I’m not sure what they are planning to do with them. We also wanted to plan this event to have something fun and exciting for all students that fills the time between homecoming and prom.”

“We also wanted to make it less formal so that everyone feels welcome to come. Typically at a Sadie Hawkins dance the girl will ask the guy but we want everyone to feel welcome to come whether they have a date or not.”

     Everyone should attend this dance because it benefits everyone! You do not need to bring a date with you, just come and have fun!