Senior Angela Ramos an Artistic Person with a Real Talent with Makeup

by Symbria  Woodley

Walkersville High School senior Angela Ramos has been living in Walkersville most of her life. She is very friendly and has played a big part in people’s lives who she has come encountered with her high school years.

Ramos has six sisters. She lives with two of them and the others lives here in Maryland. Her dad takes care of three girls, including Ramos while her mom lives in Peru. Ramos moved to the United States when she was three years old. She attended Tuscarora Elementary School. While there, she attended kindergarten all the way up to fourth grade. She has resided in Walkersville since then.

Ramos is a very artistic person. She loves to draw and paint; in fact, she recently won first place in the art show at Walkersville High School. Along with that, she is competing in an art competition in Baltimore Maryland January 25th.

Ramos enjoys many things, with makeup being one of them. During prom season many people asked her if she would do their makeup. With the social media app snapchat, people have seen her art skills come to life through makeup. One “snap” which gained Ramos notice on snapchat was when she recreated a realistic eye which portrayed eyeshadow and share eyebrows.

Ramos is a makeup enthusiast and likes to buy and explore with different products and looks. A few months ago when she entered Sephora, a makeup store, she helped a customer who asked what products she used to do her makeup. After this incident the manager of the store offered her employment because of her knowledge of makeup products alongside with the great appearance of the makeup she had on. Unfortunately, she could not accept the offer because she is a minor; Sephora only hires people who are eighteen and over.

“I like to make girls feel and look good. It’s good knowing that I can make somebody feel good about themselves,” said Ramos.

However that is not her dream job. Ramos would like to pursue in being a lawyer. It started off with her uncle telling her stories about what used to happen in japan and it interested Ramos Recently she took interest in watching many crime shows such as Criminal Minds, Almost Got Away With It and How to Get Away With Murder.

After she graduates high school she wishes to study law and get her associates.