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Seniors Finishing Their Last Fall Semester Reflect On What Was and What Is To Come

by Lauren Duffy         

       For the senior class of 2017, their first half of the year is coming to an end. There are only a few days left until the second semester starts and countdown to graduation begins. The seniors have roughly four months until their high school career ends and they enter the real world.

        Senior Elaina Frederick mentioned, “I think this first semester was tough but I had an equal balance of work. My hardest class was AP Lang and the first week into it I wanted to drop it and take English 12 instead, but my teacher encouraged me to stay. I knew it would look better on my applications for college and prepare me even more. Now that it is over, I’ve grown as a writer so much and I don’t regret taking it. The workload was heavy but it taught me how to manage my time. Time management is hard to conquer at first and now that I’ve gotten a taste of a really challenging college English course I feel over prepared for my freshmen year in college. This next semester is going to be easier but I have a college math class which will be interesting.” Frederick continued, stating, “I’m more than ready to graduate.”

        “I think my first semester went well,” said senior Josh Clegg. “My classes weren’t super tough so it was a breeze. After high school I plan to go to college at Frostburg State University to study health and physical education. I think my next semester is going to be pretty easy so my grades should be pretty good. I’m excited to graduate, but at the same time I want to enjoy the rest of my senior year and make it last.”

       Senior Grace Armogida is very positive when talking about her senior year here at Walkersville. Armogida mentioned “I really enjoyed my first semester of senior year! A lot of big things happened not only for me but for the school in general. My classes were challenging, but really enjoyable! I loved my FCC classes especially. Next year I plan on attending JMU (James Madison University) and studying communications and advertising. The second half of the school year will definitely be harder because I have a more rigorous schedule, but I’m looking forward to it. I have mixed emotions about graduating because it’s such a big milestone in my life and is really exciting but it also means that I’m going to have to say a lot of goodbyes to people I have gotten close with over the years which will be hard.”

        College applications are starting to come back to students as the second half of the school year starts; it’s times like this where things start to become very real.