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What Does One Do On a Snow Day? Will We Have One Tomorrow?

by Kylie McClung

If you are like most people, waking up and seeing that FCPS has tweeted “School is closed!” will probably make you jump with joy. Looking out of the window at the blankets of snow covering the trees and grass will make you appreciative of mother nature saving you the trouble of going to school. But the question philosophers have been pondering for years remains unanswered, what does one do on a snow day?

“On snow days I like to relax and usually watch movies most of the day. If I don’t do that, I’m with my friends hanging out together on our day off. I also spend most of the day sleeping,” said sophomore William Pratt.

“I’d be outside most of the day shoveling and making money. I’d also be cold, but it gives me something to do and helps me make some bank. It also helps my mom out [so] she won’t have to do it herself,” said sophomore Ansel Wolff.

“My snow day starts with me waking up and looking out the window then I go on FCPS’ website to make sure we don’t have school. After that I usually fall asleep until one o’clock. When I wake, I go straight to Netflix and spend the rest of the day watching shows,” said sophomore Devon Harris. He also commented that he may even hang out with his girlfriend. “We could just relax and enjoy the day.”

“Snow days are useful for the majority of students; you can get some of your work done if you’re behind or you can even catch up on rest and personal things. I personally enjoy snow days since I get to watch the snowfall,” said junior Rachel Green.

Whether it be watching movies or hanging out with friends, there are many ways to enjoy a snow day, but beware, you might just have school the next day.