After Years of Soccer, Senior Emma Crouch Steps Onto the Track and Sets a School Record

by Maddie Hommey

Emma Crouch is a senior in her first year as a member of the WHS track and field team, but already she has broken numerous records and won many events.

Crouch played basketball at WHS for her first two years and has played varsity soccer for four years. She also participated in the unified track team for two years. Additionally, she played club soccer with FC Frederick. There is no doubt she is a natural athlete. So this year, she took her talent to the track.

All of the sports Crouch previously participated in were team sports, whereas track is mainly individual. In response to this difference, Crouch confirmed, “It’s a change, I can work hard for myself and it’s more about what you put into it than a team. With a team if everyone else slacks off you’re going to suffer too, but if everyone slacks off in track, I can still do well and work hard.”

With this being said, Crouch did not start out with goals of beating records. “I thought I’d just kind of run,” she explained. Additionally, “I wanted to stay in shape and I thought I was pretty fast,” Crouch said. She never imagined the immediate success she would find on the track, but now she has the whole school talking.

Crouch is a sprinter on the Track and Field Walkersville team. Her main events and the ones she will be competing for a state championship in, include the 55 meter dash, the 4×200 meter relay, and the 4×400 meter relay. She is also very good in the 100 meter dash. Although, she won’t be running the 100 meter dash at the indoor track states, but as outdoor begins, she hopes to beat the school record in this event.

Furthermore, at states this coming Monday, February 20th, she hopes to get third or above in the 55 meter dash. She has already she beaten the school record in this event. Yet, that’s not the only school record she has beaten. Emma is one of four members of a 4×200 relay team that has also beaten the school record. These members include junior Autumn Parson, senior Julia Mullen, and freshman Kasie Ogwulu.

Beating a school record alone is a phenomenal accomplishment, but beating a school record in your first year as a member of the WHS track and field team is unheard of. Who knows what she could’ve accomplished in multiple years. Crouch did state, “I wish I’d at least run last year.” Part of this is due to the new friendships she has made. “I’ve made friends that I didn’t think I’d ever talk to,” Crouch expressed. She is enjoying her time as a member of this team even though it’s a small one. “It’s hard for our team to do well with limited numbers,” she voiced.

The Lions track team is looking to still do the very best they can and win lots of events Monday, February 20th at states. Emma Crouch is ranked fifth in the state for the 55 meter dash, so she hopes to individually place.