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Fabulous Phil Bittner Kisses a Pig To Raise Money for the FFA

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by Maddie Hommey

Walkersville FFA hosted a “Kiss the Pig” contest on Thursday, February 2nd at halftime of the boy’s basketball game.

Votes were cast upon Janitor Phil Bittner, Business teacher Regina Stelma, History teacher Jason Lepeonka, Physical education teacher Susan Pardo, and Principal Tracey Franklin. The person with the most votes had to wear a pink shirt, bright red lipstick, and kiss the pig. Bittner was the lucky winner!

70% of the proceeds go towards the FFA Land Judging Team trip to nationals in Oklahoma City from April 29th-May 6th. The other 30% was for the Walkersville food bank. Senior Ben Francis felt “it’s a fun way to raise money because students obviously want to see a teacher kiss a pig.”

Senior Kaci Stears stated, “[FFA] picked teachers we felt would raise the most money.” So, Francis was correct, many students got excited to vote for the teacher they wanted to kiss the pig.

“Mrs. P is really involved in everything and it would be funny to see her kiss a pig because she’s not one to back down from a challenge” Junior Michaela Miller exclaimed. This explains physical education teacher Susan Pardo’s attitude to “do anything to help raise money and awareness.”

Others, like Junior Avery Long wanted staff that preferred not to to kiss the pig to have to do so. “Lep should kiss the pig because he would be least likely to want to do it” Long explained.

Business teacher Regina Stelma also felt strongly that history teacher Jason Lepeonka should kiss the pig. “I want my nemesis to kiss the pig and wear a lovely shade of red, so I’m excited” Stelma remarked.

Contestants like Principal Tracey Franklin and custodian Phil Bittner were not at all nervous to have to kiss the pig. In fact, “I grew up around pigs, so they don’t bother me” Franklin confessed.

Students agreed that Bittner would not have an issue with having to kiss the pig. “Phil always has the funniest reactions to things; he would probably enjoy it” Senior Claire Owen stated. Votes for Bittner alone raised $68 for FFA!