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Grey’s Anatomy Is More About the Romance Than the Patients

by Angella Ramos

Have you ever watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy? If not, I highly recommend you to watch at least one. It is definitely intense and there is always something going on.

Grey’s Anatomy is an American drama TV show, a medical drama about a group of surgeons working at Seattle Grace Hospital. The first episode was released on March 27, 2005. [1]

“I love Greys because this show is based off of my field of interest, but also very dramatic. I really like Dr.O’Malley because he seems shy at first, but then shows his true potential in the show. He is very set in stone and an all round great underrated doctor,” said freshman Jaelen Reid.

Grey’s Anatomy is surprisingly a very addictive show. The cast has great chemistry and tons of good acting talent. It is a well done show with good writing and a good story.

“If you do not watch Grey’s Anatomy, you are totally missing out! Definitely one of my favorite shows right now. I love it so much because it is a very interesting show. It has a lot of drama and sadness in it while also having a lot of intense surgery scenes,” said senior Alexis Barnes.

Honestly, there is more romance than patients. The surgeons put so much passion into each other, as they do what they are best at on the operating tables. That’s why people end up enjoying the show.

“I really enjoy this show because the people in the show are really funny, and a new problem always happens in every episode. That’s what makes it very interesting. I also love all the surgeries that they do, and I like how it is very realistic,” said sophomore Autumn Parson.

Give it a chance and watch at least one episode of Grey’s Anatomy. It’ll be worth it!



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