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Senior Kelcie Robertson Going to Nationals for the Pole Vault

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by Alexis Crist

photos courtesy of Kelcie Robertson

Close to every student and staff member at Walkersville high school knows who Kelcie Robertson is. She is a senior here at Walkersville, a star student as a member of National Honor Society, an aid for physical education for Susan Pardo’s third block aquatics class, but most importantly, a track star.

Robertson recently won first place in the Regional track meet, and will continue to do her thing at Nationals in a couple of weeks. “I was pretty excited and also surprised because I didn’t expect the bar to stay,” she said, “I hit the bar, and most of the time when I hit it, it falls off, but it actually stayed this time.”

Kelcie is very invested at the track meets; nine times out of ten she will do whatever it takes to win, but to also have fun and enjoy the meets. Regionals was a great turn out for her. She said “It was a great feeling because my goal this season was to get 11’6, and I was having a pretty rough season up until a week ago.”

Turns out a rough start to the season didn’t stop her. She achieved her goal at the Regional track meet, and ended the meet in first place for pole vault. Senior Collin Hess said “I think she will do well at nationals if she treats it like a normal meet.” Senior Madison Sorrell added, “I knew from the beginning of track season Kelcie would push herself to do her best. She would go real far, and definitely get a new PR. She accomplished this goal, and will do so many more great things! I’m so proud of her and I can’t wait to watch her at Nationals.”

With Nationals approaching so quickly Kelcie says “I’m so excited to go to Nationals because it is an experience of a lifetime that not many people get to experience. Nationals is amazing because it is the best of the best people in the nation, and being able to compete with them is a great opportunity. My goal for nationals is to get 12ft but most importantly is to have fun and enjoy the experience.”