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Seniors Begin to Countdown to Prom, Graduation and Senior Week

by Alexis Crist

Well seniors, the time has come. We are ordering our caps and gowns, our class rings, and wondering where the time has gone.

Our senior year is more than halfway over. Can you believe that in these next couple of months we are going to be spending our last days together?

Usually around this time in past school years we are registering for classes we are taking next year, but for seniors that’s not the case. These next couple of months could be the last time we see our childhood friends until they come home from college for Thanksgiving break.

Soon prom will be on everyone’s mind, and before you know it the year will be over and us seniors will be walking across the stage with our diplomas. Senior Brooke Tucker said, “Senior year has been going by really fast. I haven’t gone prom dress shopping yet, but I need to do that soon. I can’t wait until senior week because I love the beach!”   

Lots of seniors are planning their senior week trip after graduation. It is exciting because seniors get to go to Ocean City for a week after graduation to spend quality time with their friends while laying out on the beach.

Senior Madison Sorrell said “I’m really excited about all of the upcoming senior activities and graduation. It’s going to be so exciting walking across the stage, and going to senior week after we graduate.”

Senior Andrea Reichard adds “I think all of these senior events are coming up at a very fast pace.We are already ordering our caps and gowns, and prom will be here in no time. After that it’s more graduation practice, and then graduation itself.”

Let’s take the time to enjoy the last few months we have with each other because before you know it we will be out of here.